Company Vision


In 2007, BLACKROLL was developed in Germany by Jürgen Dürr. Up until that time several self massage products had found their way into the European market. However, these foamrollers did not meet the high quality demands of its users. BLACKROLL therefore committed itself from the start to produce high quality self massage products, 100% made in Germany, and thereby filling the quality gap in the upcoming branch of self myofascial release.

From its inception in 2007, BLACKROLL® was the first to focus on the use of self massage tools in the health and fitness industry. BLACKROLL® was awarded the prestigious Physio prize in 2009, for “product with the greatest range of benefits for its users”. Experts in the sports- and medical sector quickly came to learn about the wide scope of benefits that BLACKROLL® offered to treat muscle pain and fascia issues; solving and even preventing muscle and connective tissue related injuries. As a result, sports performances and injury treatments could be treated more easily and quicker.



As of 2012, BLACKROLL® firmly established itself on the market, and got well supported and recommended by leaders in the health - sports and therapeutic industry. By receiving valuable feedback from experts in the sports and medical field and noticing our customer’s needs, new products found their way into the BLACKROLL® collection, such as the BLACKROLL® Balls and BLACKROLL® MINI. The new products serve to broaden the reach in which BLACKROLL® can be used, targeting the deeper laying tissue and muscle groups that are harder to reach. Please see our online shop to learn more about all of our products.

In the autumn of 2013 the firm BLACKROLL was restructured in order to make further growth possible. The shareholder company BLACKROLL AG was founded and located its headquarter office in Bottighofen, Switzerland.


Your health and wellbeing is what matters most to us. With the BLACKROLL® products we aim to continue improving your health through improved mobility and fitness.

BLACKROLL® products offer support in preventing muscular dysfunction and can be used during your sports- or medical rehabilitation by assisting the muscles and connective tissue to recover quicker and maintaining or becoming more flexible. The products are an excellent addition to classic treatments and methods used for instance in physiotherapy, rehabilitation and recovery therapy, massage, Rolfing and osteopathy.

BLACKROLL® AG will continue doing its outmost best to keeping our quality standards high and learning through innovation and listening to your feedback.