The most important objective for us at BLACKROLL® is to contribute to your health and wellbeing by creating high quality products. Besides your health we care much for the health of our natural environment.

 All our products are therefore produced in Germany in an intelligent and energy efficient manner.


All BLACKROLL® products... 

  • match up to highest product quality.

  • are legally protected products.

  • conform to quality management according to DIN ISO 9001:2000.

  • are certified by the AGR for back-friendly products (except for "BLACKROLL BLOCK").

  • are 100% recyclable.

  • good to excellent resistance to (mineral) oils.

  • are odourless.

  • are water resistant.

  • are easy to clean.

  • are heat stable (high temperature resistance until at least 110°C).

  • are robust and contain high abrasion resistance.


    The materials used in BLACKROLL products are harmless in all aspects. PP5 (polypropylene) is used mainly for foodstuff, (food) packaging and the medical industry. BLACKROLL products are therefore safe to use.

    Caution: Use at own risk when it comes to exercising. We encourage you to get advised by a physiotherapist, manual therapist, massage or medical specialist when in doubt, when suffering from strong pain after self-massage or recurring injuries.