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Training + Recovery = Success 

Experts from the field of sports and medicine, as well as numerous top athletes and their coaches recommend the use of BLACKROLL for self massage (self myofascial release) and fascia training. 

All our BLACKROLL fascia rolls are harder than your average 'foamroller' and guarantee a strong and deep massage effect.

BLACKROLL products are 100% made in Germany. The source material is 100% recyclable and free of any hazardous chemicals. Production is highly energy efficient. 

    BLACKROLL® is the ideal tool to compliment traditional treatment methods, such as physiotherapy, osteopathy, connective (deep) tissue massage or Rolfing. 

    BLACKROLL® creates easy to use, high quality tools to release the myofascia (connective tissue of muscles and muscle groups) of tension and pain. 

    BLACKROLL® helps to prevent muscle ache and speeds up recovery of the muscles and fascia to increase mobility, flexibility, and therefore performance.

     BLACKROLL® makes fascia- and functional training available to all. Train, release and restore - all in one tool.

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