As of today, BLACKROLL® is the new DFB license partner. (Deutscher Fußball-Bund; German Football Association). This cooperation means that BLACKROLL® officially supplies the national team of Germany at the EURO 2016 championship with small fitness / functional training, and physiotherapeutic tools. Besides this, there will be a special BLACKROLL® product line carrying the name „DIE MANNSCHAFT“ (The German National Team).

In the last decade, physiotherapy and strengthening and conditioning training have increasingly been growing together and integrated in performance sports. As a consequence, a large part of the German football teams in the national league have started to work and train with BLACKROLL® products. In other European countries we have seen this same development, which we have been following closely. 

Of course we are very proud to announce today, that 'secret weapon' BLACKROLL® now officially has been taken up by the DFB as their go-to training tool.

DFB Marketing Director and CEO of DFB-WD Denni Strich comments: „After many tests, the trainer team has chosen the products of BLACKROLL®. 

The company is young and innovative, and at the same time made it to be the market - and quality leader. Moreover, the sustainable production and 'Made in Germany' aspect, convinced us to go with BLACKROLL®."

Yann-Benjamin Kugel, Fitnesstrainer of the Nationalmannschaft: „In performance sports, the athlete and its performance skills are most important. Prevention by regenerative physiotherapeutic training prevents injuries and therefore people's health. This vision we share with BLACKROLL®. The products are simply working and are effective – full stop.“


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