She was only 5 years old when she started gymnastics. Only during her studies she got to know the concept of 'slacklining'. In the meanwhile, Christine Chau (Chrissy) is a professional slackliner and pulls off the most incredible tricks 'on the line'. "Besides" that Chrissy studies sport und biology at the German Sport University, Cologne. Slackline FameIn 2013 Chrissy got the so-called slackline fever: trick- or jumpline grew to a professional level. Since 2015 she can call herself "Germany's best Slackliner", and became one of the top slackliners in the world. She takes part in international contests and was the first woman to sign up for last year's Red Bull Air Lines in Catania (Italy).


What is slackline, jumpline, trickline?

Jump- or trickline is much more than just walking on a line. It's comparable to trampoline gymnastics; just like on a trampoline energy is created by lowering down pushing the line down and using the tension and energy created to move upwards: in the air tricks are performed.  Static tricks, like doing a split, saltos, rotations and combinations hereof, are done on the line. Doing these tricks asks the slackliner to have the perfect balance between balance, coordination and concentration. And of course, the full body is trainer while doing this!  

BLACKROLL® is always there. 

To keep the balance between the many different sports Chrissy practices, BLACKROLL® is used. In her slackline, gymnastics and fitness training, the roll always comes into play: "Everything I do can be trained with the help of BLACKROLL® products; they present a perfect recovery option. Besides that, it's an inexpensive way to work on recovery, compared to the alternatives. After training, I cannot imagine not doing a roll out with my BLACKROLL®. I also use the products at home with my housemates, to work on tensions and adhesions. It's simply a fantastic method to quickly become fit again, even if it hurts. It's worth it." Chrissy shows us what else one can do with the roll, besides relaxing and releasing muscles and fascia. Perfect balance and strength, working together! 


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