Lena Kuhmann (24) trains for her very first triathlon. In between her training schedule she uses different BLACKROLL® products to recover optimally and to keep on going. „As a triathlon beginner I am a total fan of BLACKROLL®. Knowing I tend to tense up quickly, especially in my back, BLACKROLL® helps enormously to prevent this. What I like is that you can decide to one day take a little more time and roll out all body parts, and the other day only only some muscle groups, depending on what you feel your body needs at that time, fitting to the particular training."

For me, as a starter in the three triathlon disciplines, having to handle the increasing load of training progressively, the BLACKROLL® STANDARD and BLACKROLL® MINI are great to use together, to give my muscles a well deserved treatment to relax and to prevent stiffness.In the upcoming weeks and months, and even years, BLACKROLL® will be my continuous training partner, which I would recommend to everyone. Even my mother, who is a physiotherapist but did not yet have any experience with BLACKROLL® until I showed her, was quite excited about the product and its multi-functionality."

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