With her new team olympic legend Claudia Pechstein tested the BLACKROLL® VYPER. Here is her conclusion: “Using the BLACKROLL® VYPER feels super pleasant – even when deployed on very tense muscles.” If you want to use it with the highest possible vibration do not do so late nights in your hotel room. Otherwise your downstairs neighbors might start complaining. That is the power of our BLACKROLL® VYPER.

Winning another olympic medal is Claudias big goal. To reach that goal she put together her very own training group. The “Team Pechstein – The Internationals” consists of coach Peter Müller, Alexander Waagenes from Norway , Sándor Dékany from Hungary and the Japanese speed skater Junya Miwa. Joining this team are our BLACKROLL® products. Mobilization and regeneration with BLACKROLL® is part of Claudias daily routine. One of her favorite tool during training is the new BLACKROLL® BOOSTER with its very unique Vibra Motion technology. In Berlin Claudia Pechstein very recently presented this new training team in preparation for the winter olympic games 2018.

Claudia Pechstein: “I am exited that these guys were willing to train with me. We already had some good sessions. Now we want to attack our goal of winning one or another olympic medal.“

Having already won five olympic gold medals, Claudia Pechstein is Germanys record champion at olympic winter games. If Claudia starts at the next olympic winter games she will be 46 years old. Which is no hindrance to Claudia, but rather motivation. We keep our fingers crossed and wish her all the best! #keeprolling

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