Anke is an ambitious kitesurfer since six years. She is a World record holder, achieving to ride the longest continuous kitesurfing journey (female) of 250.32 km. Not only does she love to go the extra mile on the water, she also enjoys an intense and recovering roll out on the BLACKROLL®

In 2014 she started using BLACKROLL® to prepare for her world record attempt: "My physiotherapist first recommended me to use the roll. It helped me to optimally prepare my legs and back, for the very long time I spend on the water". Ever since, the BLACKROLL® goes wherever Anke goes. 

Right now she is preparing for a new "extreme kiting project" and actively involves the products of BLACKROLL® to get in the best shape to perform on the water. "My 'rolling highlight' so far: in June I had a severe injury in my foot which led to a slight malposition and overuse of the nerves in the ankle joint, which resulted in pain in the Achilles tendon. With the BLACKROLL® MINI I was able to literally roll away the pain and start at the Red Bull Coast to Coast 2015. I became runner-up in the women's division of the world's hardest and longest kiting competition."

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