Massimo Salvati is not only an extraordinary addition to Team BLACKROLL®, he is also our champion 'Karate Kid'. Massimo practices Karate since he's only 5 years old and still does it with 100% motivation. His training base is Karate center Reto Kern in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. Massimo is not just any martial art practitioner. He has countless of championship triumphs to his name. As a performance sportman, he is now training up to 15 hours a week and participates in competitions throughout the year - and around the world. For Massimo to keep on winning, one thing is sure: he also keeps on rolling. In order to continue the high performance and succes, focus on recovery is acquired. With BLACKROLL® products this is simple and available at all times: "Thanks to BLACKROLL®, it is possible for me and my team mates at the Karate Center to regularly treat out bodies with different BLACKROLL® products. The muscles that are mostly worked on are the calves and upper legs. Through regular use of BLACKROLL® we recover faster and are quickly back on our feet, ready for the next training."

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