The German Post Speed Academy encourages young talent in motorsports: the future heroes of the motorrace course. The extreme sitting position on a motorbike leads to tension, inhibiting resilience and full body mobility. Of course a motorracer needs to be physically top fit. BLACKROLL® supports in recovery and treats tensions.

Markus Kroiss, athletic trainer of the motorcycle racers:

"The BLACKROLL® should be an indispensable tool in any biker's suitcase, especially when there's a racing weekend. It's an all-purpose product which can be used anytime, anywhere, because of its size. Especially for the back it is essentrial for racers to roll, since there is a huge load of G-force on this part of the body. It makes sense to roll out different parts of the body during the sessions to decrease muscle tone. This enables a quick relaxation and a clear mind, increasing performance."

During the 3-day training bootcamp the focus was on strengthening the deep musculature in the reach of the cervical spine (upper back) and the full back musculature. "Following the training, we rolled out the loaded body parts with the own bodyweight, what was painful at some points", Markus Kroiss says. After the training elements, all participants experienced a full body relaxation. In addition, the body parts with high muscle tone and which are therefore prone to tighten, are stretched and loosened up with the help of self myofascial release. As Marek Böckmann (18 years old, racer in the new ADAC formula 4) leaves the training camp: "I got loads of inspiration that I will include into my training from now on (...). Especially the BLACKROLL® STANDARD, the tool to massage your own fascia tissue, I will use more in the future.“

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