Aliah-Delia Eichinger is 'only' 13 years young but on the piste already an established professional. Freeski is fast, elegant and dangerous. "I use the BLACKROLL® to rehabilitate after skiing to spare myself the muscle ache the day after. Of course I also roll to activate my muscles before training and to get my limbs back on track after a fall. Actually, I never go anywhere anymore without my BLACKROLL®".

Although the grass is still green and no one wants to even think about snow just yet (speaking: high Summer), Aliah is preparing already for the upcoming season: "In 2 weeks I will move to the Eliteschool for Sports in Berchtesgaden. Before that I'll be attending a waterramp camp and in Fall a bunch of glacier camps, and there is a trip to Switzerland planned. The upcoming season I want to use as many new tricks as I possibly can in order to rip in several competitions, and in the German Championship."

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