Therapeutic instruments for fascial manipulations

The spectrum of fascia tools increases constantly. The repertoire ranges from classical rolls to balls, sticks and vibrating instruments.

New scientific diskoveries, feedback from therapists and practical knowledge from athletes and patients help in creating always new and better products. We at BLACKROLL® think of ourself as a company focused on helping out customers achieve their maximal health and wellbeing possible.


The fascia roll (“BLACKROLL®)

A few years back only a hand full of insiders knew about it. Today fascia rolls are the topic at hand and more often than not BLACKROLL® is used as a synonym to that trend. 

Our fascia roll are functional tools made from hardened foal. They are ideal for self myofascial treatments (SMT). The rolls differ in their densities, from soft (e.g. BLACKROLL® MED) to very hard (e.g. BLACKROLL® PRO), as well as in their surfaces (e.g. BLACKROLL® GROOVE). We also created smaller versions that are ideal to work on your feet, hands and underarms (e.g. BLACKROLL® MINI).

When rolling you follow different fascia trains with different techniques and different pressures. The intensity with which you roll can be controlled by shifting your bodyweight on the roll. 

Effects can be achieved in activating muscles, mobilization and regeneration. In addition to that a lot of coaches in the field of functional training have started creating exercises on the roll using it as an unstable surface. 



Example: BLACKROLL® BALL in two sizes

Balls for pinpoint applications

Individual trigger points or small areas can be treated best with small tools. Fascia balls help in localizing certain trigger points and in applying pressure to deep lying tissue. 

These balls can be found with different diameters (e.g. BLACKROLL® BALL 8cm and 12cm). Everyday objects such as golfballs, tennis balls or baseballs are used as well. 



Example: BLACKROLL® DUOBALL in two sizes

Especially shaped rolls

Some rolls are shaped according to anatomical needs. Rolling along the spine can be particularly painful. We therefore created tools that reduce the pressure on the spine. With these tools you can massage the tissue alongside your spine without irritating the acanthas of your spine. 

These tools also come in different diameters (e.g. BLACKROLL® DUOBALL 8cm and 12 cm) and different surfaces. Therapists and patients experienced particular successes when treating tensions in the shoulders area and the rotator cuffs with our DUOBALLs. 


Tools made for a therapists hands

Most notably in rolfing® and FDM tools are used to support the manual work done by therapists. With the aid of these tools pressure can be increased and applied more precisely than with bare hands.

A simple tool such as the BLACKROLL® TWISTER can combine the effects of pressure, torsion and shift. The tools help trained therapists as well as patients in self myofascial treatments. 





Sticks using various edges and surfaces have made their way into fascial therapy.

Pinpoint pressure is combined with shearing and striking motions to influence different layers of tissue. A good example of these tools is the BLACKROLL® RELEAZER developed by the noted pain therapist Christopher Gordon.

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