Ellen had to have surgery on her foot and her elbow this summer after many months of being in pain, and is now back to with nine training session a week. Part of her training sessions every week is weight training, technique improvement, and of course running. Because of her surgeries, she also often works with her physiotherapist.BLACKROLL® is used every day and at every training session: "For me, it's like a training buddy :) that supports me in every step of my training week. I use the roll and ball the most, and the BLACKROLL® MINI for under my foot and the achilles. After the warm up, I spend at least 5-10 minutes on the BLACKROLL® to warm up the muscles more specifically. The sore points, are always on the 'big three': the gluteus, lateral quadriceps and under the feet. These 3 areas I warm up intensely with the BLACKROLL® Standard and the BLACKROLL® BALL."

"I really love the ball and the  BLACKROLL® MINI, because they fit in every bag, and are easy to take with you, where ever you go." We're happy to hear from Ellen Sprunger that even after training, when she's at home watching TV, she often takes the BLACKROLL® Standard to relax her muscles and avoid muscle pain after a hard workout. Besides massaging, she also uses the roll for core exercises. Multipurpose tool?! Check! Ellen, we support you all the way and hope to see you shine in Rio this summer! 

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