In the training of the 400m sprinter Johannes Trefz (LG Stadtwerke Munich) BLACKROLL® became just as important as his running shoes or bottle of water. His daily training schedule starts with a warm up, a couple of mobilisation exercises and after running, ends with stretching and a solid roll out session with the BLACKROLL®.

The BLACKROLL® products are an important addition to my training. They help to prepare my body optimally for the high tempo runs, and recover faster afterwards.

„Thanks to different products of BLACKROLL® a daily visit to the physiotherapist is not necessary anymore. I can do the biggest part of these recovery methods myself now. Releasing the knots or 'sticky' fascia, treating the tensions and pain points (trigger points) in my body, or massaging tight muscles, I can do directly before and after each training by just using the rolls and balls. I feel my recovery starts instantly after training to relax from the physical strain; the work my physio does, becomes much easier, too!"

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